NWMUN History

Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) was originally founded by staff of Washington State Model United Nations (WASMUN), the high school conference hosted by University of Washington students, to provide experience for their chairs and directors in Model United Nations in the Winter (prior to the WASMUN conference each Spring). The conference was generally attended only by UW students and occasionally 1 or 2 other delegations from 2001-2006. Following the 2006 year, the conference closed its doors; WASMUN continues on to this day, no longer affiliated with NWMUN. (You can find more information on WASMUN at their website, http://www.wasmun.org.)

The new Model United Nations student group at UW, UW-MUN, re-founded NWMUN in November 2007, holding their first conference 22 months after the last of the old NWMUN conferences. From the (new) start, NWMUN has focused on being a collaborative conference that is not insular to any school, but rather run by and for the entire Model United Nations community in the Pacific Northwest. To that end, in 2008-2009, the conference was separated from the UW Model UN team; it is now managed by the Northwest Association for Global Affairs (NWA) and hosted by one or more Model UN teams in the Northwest on an annual basis.

Conference Archives
NWMUN 2011 - Archived Conference Website.
NWMUN 2010 - Archived Conference Website.
NWMUN 2009 - Archived Conference Website.
NWMUN 2008 - Archived Conference Website.
NWMUN 2007 - Archived Conference Website.
NWMUN 2001-2006 - A History; Coming Soon.

Conference Hosts
2007 - Model United Nations at the University of Washington
2008 - Model United Nations at the University of Washington
2009 - Model United Nations at the University of Washington and Western Washington University International Affairs Association
2010 - Model United Nations at the University of Washington
2011 - Model United Nations at the University of Washington
2012 - Western Washington University International Affairs Association, Model United Nations at the University of Washington, and Lewis & Clark Model United Nations