Keynote Speaker

NWMUN 2012 Keynote Speaker: Brian Baird, former member of the US House of Representatives (WA-03)

"If all that happens is that you come to this region and you are led around by the hand to see

the things that someone wants you to see, hear the stories that someone wants you to hear,

you will not get the full impression of what's actually going on ...

If you can't see these things yourself, you're left with the official version of events."

- Brian Baird on "Being There" in International Affairs

The Honorable Brian Baird, Ph.D.  served for twelve years in the United States House of Representatives, where he focused on science and technology, energy, health care - especially mental health - oceans, foreign policy, science diplomacy, fiscal discipline and Congressional integrity.   Congressman Baird was known and respected for taking principled stands, careful study of issues, and the ability to build bipartisan relationships.  In addition to his work in Congress, Dr. Baird holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a license to practice in Washington State. His clinical experience spans more than two decades and encompasses a wide variety of settings and patient groups.   Dr. Baird has authored three books and previously chaired the Department of Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University.   He is married to Rachel Nugent, an economist specializing in global health.  Together with their 7 year old twin boys their family enjoys skiing, sea kayaking, diving, camping and travel together.

Additional Information

Congressman Brian Baird has been described as a "profile in courage" for his positions on Iraq and on the Israel/Palestine conflict.   In his keynote address Congressman Baird will describe what  "being there" means to understanding what is happening in other countries and in our own foreign policy.  Drawing on his own Congressional experiences and policy issues including Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine, Congressman Baird will give examples of why it matters to "be there" and what it takes to make being there truly useful and informative.

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